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Government Grants

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) conducts financial scheams designed to support energy technologies in the hop that such governmental initiatives will further Ireland's aims to become effective in it's domestic energy strategies. To be eligible for this grant the dwelling must be built before 2006. Funding is available in the following areas:
  • Domestic Grants
  • Commercial Grants
Having attic insulation installed is a particularly effective way of cutting heating bills - as around 30% of heat can be lost through an attic without insulation. Insulating your home is a quick and easy way that can save you on energy bills and add greatly to the comfort of your home.

Homeowners wishing to avail of this grant must apply for a minimum of 500 worth of grant assistance. The individual grant contributions for each insulation application are shown in the table below.

 Type Of Insulation Category Grant Amount
 Attic Insulation 200
 Wall Cavity Wall Insulation  250
  Internal Wall Dry-Lining up to 1,800
  External Wall Insulation up to  3,600
 Heating Controls High Efficiency Gas or Oil fired   Boiler with heating controls Upgrade 560
  Heating Controls Upgrade only 400
 BER Assessment After works Completed BER    Assessment  50

 It is not possible to avail of grant assistance for either roof or cavity wall insulation individually as both solutions do not meet the 500 limit. In most cases, the homeowner will choose to install cavity wall insulation and upgrade attic insulation at the same time.

A Building Energy Rating (BER) is an integral part of all grant applications under the Better Energy Homes scheme, whereby homeowners must undertake a BER on their home after grant aided works have been completed. A homeowner is entitled to BER funding of 50 once per home. This funding will be applied to your grant application automatically provided you have never applied previously for BER funding. You will be informed during the online grant application process id BER funding is available for your home or as part of your letter of Grant Offer if you have applied through the post. It is advisable that you apply for and undertake all planned grant aided works at the same time to minimize the cost of multiple BER assessments. 

Wall Insulation Internal Dry-lining & External  
From December 8th 2011 Internal and external wall insulation grants will no longer be one single amount, But rather be based upon the house type.

Internal Dry Lining

Apartment (Any) or Mid-terrace house                    900
Semi-detached or End of terrace house                  1,350
Detached House                                                 1,800

External Wall Insulation

Apartment (Any) or Mid-terrace house                    1,800
Semi-detached or End of terrace house                  2,700
Detached House                                                 3,600

Please Note:

The minimum grant amount for the first application must be 400. A BER grant, where applicable, does not count towards the minimum.

Grants are claimed after the measures are completed and the contractor has been paid by the homeowner.


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